At Pixel Digital Agency,

we help you get the best return from your online ad budget.

With us, you can improve your digital performance and take care of faster growth at your brand.

Why performance digital?


We find your clients where they spend the most of their time and give the most attention - online, using their smartphones, scrolling through social media and using apps.


We help companies get great and measurable results repeatedly. Focusing on more than just clicks and impressions, we will identify the metrics and indicators that influence your business results the most, we will collect data and optimize advertising campaigns in the way that you can profit from them!


Are you still designing equal ad creatives to reach different target clients? How to reach new clients effectively? With personalized ad creatives, we’re presenting your offer in the right way, that best resonates with your goal audiences. We never prejudge success of ad creatives behind closed door - we test effectiveness of different ad creatives on your clients and work with their feedback as guide for the right advertising direction.

Facebook in Instagram Advertising

How to get bada$$ results with Facebook in Instagram Advertising?

At Pixel Agency, we go after great results with accurate targeting, attention-grabbing creative, a sales process that leads your clients to end conversion, accurate retargeting and constant optimisation of advertising campaigns.

How you can maximise all the benefits of social media advertising?

With innovative, personalised approach to advertising, we take care of direct sales of your products and services over Facebook and Instagram sales channels - repeatedly and measurable.

Google Advertising

Your prospects are searching for you as we speak - with Google Ad platform, we help you grab their attention! We focus further than just on getting you more clicks - driving you better business results, be it more qualified leads for your services, more online orders of your products or getting a better brand recognition at a lower cost.

Growth-driven website design

New website redesign process that will bring you faster results and help you reach your business goals. Growth-driven design is more optimized process of redesigning your website. It’s fast, focused on your clients and your business goals - and, it’s flexible! Your new website keeps getting better through the process of constant improvements based on user data and UX.

Our Projects

How do we most effectively help our clients get better results from their online performance?

3x ROAS on cold traffic & 10x ROAS on retargeting traffic for new tech gadget shop.

This client's challenge was entering several new markets with their new products. Not only did they need to increase their sales but also work on their brand recognition and shop growth. We managed to exceed their performance targets by constantly testing new personalised creatives & ad formats based on their buyer personas and ad platform. We've run performance campaigns, focused on ROAS, and branding campaigns to increase their brand recognition.

2500% year over year growth of online tyre sales with Facebook & Google Ads.

The client had difficulty promoting online shop since the majority of their target audiences was local & mostly buying their services. We successfully used Facebook funnel to target different client groups from cold to warm audiences with customised creatives and thus, took advantage of seasonality of their products to scale top performing ads. On Google, we created single keyword ad groups to increase the clickthrough rates and decrease the cost per click, effectively driving traffic at 1/2 the previous cost.

Brand character exploration & new brand identity

The client had to develop a new branding that would fit the frames of tourism growth in their region, while demanding a brand identity that speaks out and differentiates them in each and every way. After connecting with the client over an in-depth strategy session we got more familiar with their goals, their voice and their key clients. We worked closely with the client on brand guidelines, developing their mission statement through brand strategy, market positioning and messaging, revealed their logo & branding, based on their main characteristics, and finally designed their website.

300% increase in new qualified leads using Facebook & Instagram advertising for interior design studio.

The client struggled with not getting enough qualified leads and with their general marketing message without focus on main target personas or knowing who their clients were. Taking their business to social media and separating branding campaigns from performance campaigns we targeted both, building brand and collecting new leads, while reducing their cost per lead. Creating & A/B testing landing pages, we multiplied the number of leads, and with brand strategy and positioning, we nailed the messaging in order to get the right people through the door.

Advertising Guides

Bootstrapping your advertising? We’ve prepared a couple of FREE digital advertising guides that should enable your team boost your sales and improve your advertising results.

How to use Facebook Ads to make more money than you're invested in it?

Explaining how we got to 3x ROAS on cold traffic & 10x ROAS on retargeting traffic for this client’s new tech gadget shop, and what you can do to boost your sales, using Facebook Advertising.


Basically, the question often came up when we were talking about their sales process and how it maps back to advertising campaign. They almost always knew, that they have to structure their advertising, follow the different stages of the sales process and adjust their ads to how far their visitors were in the sales process.


We've put together a post that focuses on “direct response” advertising for eCommerce stores - single or multi product, focusing on a price point somewhere up to 100$. The goal is creating an evergreen campaign, that is bringing in new orders and customers and where you’re covering your advertising expenses as you go.

About us

Most of our team’s background is B2C business, which we consider an advantage over other agencies that only communicate with businesses and don’t fully understand the psychology behind end consumers’ reactions & decisions. We’ve grown this agency to offer something better to the end consumer - your client, which essentially means more success for you. We have multiple years of creative testing and sales optimization of our own brands behind us. We wanted to use this success as help, service and guides to you.


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