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We’re a young but experienced team of advertising enthusiasts, always after the new trends and new knowledge from the best experts. Our experience begins before our company was formed, we’ve used Facebook advertising platform   when it was still in its prime.

Advertising keeps evolving each second, as we speak - choose a flexible agency that evolves with it.


We nailed down the structured process of testing ad creatives, target audiences & ad channels.


We carefully optimize your ad campaigns for the continuous growth of your ROAS.


You get the important insights into your results at every step of the sales process and thus you can see a clear picture of your profitability.

Full-service digital agency

Pixel performance sales agency was born because we didn’t agree with the work of many agencies that bill their clients for work that isn’t necessary and doesn’t bring results. 


Our big advantage is a top-notch ad creative form your existing materials and creation of our own materials for your advertising needs. These materials remain your assets even after we have potentially stopped working together.


Together with you, we will form the advertising strategy based on your company’s goals, your target clients and your offers. We will build ad messages that resonate with the right audiences.


Our team is devoted to accurate measuring of the data that is important & relevant to the client, which is why we’ve created our own customized reports for the needs of each offer and product.


Your ads will be shown on social media as well as Google platform (Search, YouTube, Display, Shopping) and smartly connected together to get the most success out of your digital advertising.

Pixel Values

- We’re here to help you with your digital advertising and to grow your sales success. 

- We will objectively advise you on smart advertising while on our path together 

- We strongly believe in lifelong learning to improve our performance and to always be 1 step ahead with the new tactics in advertising 

- We never stubbornly push our own taste into your advertising and we always TEST on your target audience to see the reactions of those who matter for your business growth. 

- We always stand as a team Pixel and fully guarantee the best possible results of our work. 

Pixel Team

Our team comes from B2C business environment which is a substantial advantage from agencies that spend most of their time with companies alone and not with their end consumers that will in the end react to their ads.

We’ve built this agency to offer something better to the end consumer - your client, which for yourself directly converts into higher success. We have years of practice in testing ad creatives and sales optimization for our own brands behind us. We wanted to use our own business success in order to help other companies.






Account Manager


Account Manager




Project Manager


Creative Director




Motion Graphics Artist




Front-end Developer

Our client profile

We enable our clients achieve phenomenal sales results with the help of digital advertising. 

What clients make the best team with us?

Clients that understand advertising is just a process on your way to success and the best results don’t happen overnight. Clients that don’t just sell for the sake of selling but have a higher aim where they ant to take their business. 

Most of all, clients that want to do good and be positively impactful with their products and services, that wish to help their clients and add value at each step of their business journey.
Clients who offer innovative, helpful and POSITIVE products or services
Clients whom we love to hang out with
Clients with similar values to those we have
Clients who respect our entire team
Clients who paint a realistic expectations about our collaborative work
Clients, whose offers we firmly believe in and for whom we gladly advertise!

What clients aren’t our best fit?

Clients, looking for an agency that will just manage ads for them - we’re running the entire advertising and grow your business faster than you would yourself. For just managing a few ads, you don’t actually need an agency, or at least not us.

As digital advertisers, we can influence a large number of users in a very short time and we take this influence very seriously and with a big portion of responsibility. That’s why we always advise our clients what we as experts of the field believe is the best for their clients and their business.
Clients that are rude or mean and use “honesty” as an excuse for being nasty. We will NOT advertise for products or services we don’t support and we WON’T promote negative, violent or aggressive products!
Clients that don’t know how to communicate
Clients that want to have full control and by doing this don’t let us do our work properly and the best we can
Clients that have wrong expectations about our work and results from the start
Clients that offer users fake, low quality and scammy products or services
Clients that use fake followers and want to deceive their clients with advertising

Kako delamo?

Smo veliki pristaši medsebojne komunikacije, kar spodbujamo tako znotraj ekipe kot v odnosu s stranko.

Poskrbimo, da stranka dobi vse potrebno z naše strani.

Stranke nikoli ne pustimo čakati v tišini, ne da bi zares vedela, kaj se dogaja na našem koncu, kot agencija se ne "zaklepamo" za delom, ki ga ne bi pokazali navzven. Nasprotno, smo zelo transparentni okrog dela in rezultatov, z vsako stranko posebej pa se dogovorimo, kaj katera stran pripravi, kaj se potrebuje iz katere strani in podobno.

Vedno jamčimo za svoje delo in želimo kot iskrena agencija tudi sodelovati z iskrenimi strankami.


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