Growth-driven website design

New website redesign process that will bring you faster results and help you reach your business goals.

What is Growth-driven website design?

It’s an improved way of redesigning your website or online shop. It’s quick, focused on your users and business goals, and flexible - your new website will continuously improve based on the feedback of your users and their UX.
The traditional approach to designing a website doesn’t work anymore. The whole project lasts multiple months, with the entire financial investment before the beginning, while the website is designed based on guesses and predictions on what will work and improve your sales. After the project a website is left with little to no changes for several years.

Steps towards growth-driven website design

Whom you’re selling to, what you’re offering them, what do they expect from you?

On our first step we will thoroughly get to know / identify your target audience - how they are using your website, what kind of solutions they see in your service or products
You need a website that works better than your current one and you need it fast!

On the second step, we will set up the base of your new website. This base already needs to be better than your existing site, both in terms of design and your business results, and it will present the ground, up on which we will analyse and build new improvements.
Collecting data on website usage, analyzing and improving based on the data collected

When we’ve set up the ground of your new website, we start collecting data from your users - what they’re searching for, how they’re using your site, and we start with the growth driven design based on this data - we implement new ideas and test elements of the website for better business results.


How will the redesign process look for your website?


We get to know your company and offers, your business goals, your prospects’ goals, needs and habits, where do your prospects find you, in how they decide to purchase.

Strategy is the base of the entire process.


Based on our first step, we will, together with you, form the new website structure, how the pages will function and affect each other, what elements will be shown on each page, how the user will navigate through the site.


First, we will decide on the new stylescape for your website together - how the colours, icons, typography, patterns and the rest of the elements should look.


We will create the wireframes and form the page templates by planning the structure and elements of each page, what information the user will get on each page... 

These will be used as the base for design.


We help you prepare optimized content for the new website that would fit the questions and needs of your users and site visitors.


Based on the wireframes and stylescapes, we will prepare the designs for individual pages and elements, steps or phases of the website user across the entire site etc.


Once we’re done with designing each page, we start coding them - we finally create functional pages from our designs, add full functionality of the elements (buttons, forms, etc.) in make sure that your pages will look outstanding on any screen size - from smartphones to large screens.


We’ve done it! What started as an idea in the beginning, now became a fully functional new website! We launch the website, make sure that everything works with no issues and you can take over the access, materials and instructions for site usage.


When your website is launched, and is already attracting your new visitors, leads and orders, we can start with optimization for growth and business results - we create a growth plan based on your user habits, their feedback and your goals.


Based on growth plan, we identify the site elements that we can improve for better business results, prioritize what changes will impact your goals the most, and then we implement them within a short time frame, test their impact, document what we’ve found out in tests and repeat the whole cycle.
"Due to a complex excessive project ahead of us, we faced a large chunk of tasks all at once! We wanted to present our completely renovated accommodation to the market and basically started from scratch - figuring out, who our most important clients were, planning promotion in new foreign markets and establish a new brand identity and website to go with it. We needed to take care of re-branding and advertising of our accommodation.

Pixel came at the right moment with their all-in-one solutions - from strategy, branding, to the full design and development of our website, together with all the smaller but important in-between steps. We setup a website, focused on bookings and offering the user information that they most need at a certain phase of our sales process. New brand style nicely mirrors our brand character, our vision and our approach to our guests. At Pixel, they positively surprised me with their flexibility during the project and agility of their team."


CEO at Apartment Wellness Essense


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