Your digital transformation

Taking your company from the strategy to online business excellence. 

At Pixel agency, we can guide you through the complete transformation from your current approach towards fully digital, which ensures you the initial branding and strategy all the way to the successful online presence and readjustment of your area of business to digital.

Why would you need a digital transformation?

Your potential buyers spend most of their time online, where they educate themselves on your new products and offers - so why not transform a bigger chunk of your buyer's journey process online?
With the help of digital tranformation, tracking of your buyer's journey - from a complete stranger to your brand to a satisfied client - becomes easier, and at the same time you can take care of a stronger online presence, so that you can introduce yourself to your buyers and business partners.

What does digital transformation include?

On 1 side, it includes the digitalisation of your company and all the areas inside of it (sales, IT, accounting, logistics etc. & automatization of the processes), and on the other side, it includes transformation of multiple business processes online, where your target clients will find you easier.

This way, your entire company can slowly learn, get accustomed to and informed on digital solutions, instead of trying to incorporate digital in all areas at the same time and failing.

Your company can successfully run digital transformation - not only as a complete reform but step by step - as just a steady growth of particular areas of business from traditional into digital.

Digital transformation includes


Your company's sales funnel setup and optimization, digital solutions for connecting your team and faster communication with your business partners and clients. 


From paperless documents to business in a cloud and better connectivity together with steady informing of every part of your company.


We test, analyse and track all data, needed for successful advertising, cyber security of your company, and systems for tracking your stock or user's behavior.

and more!

What will you get through digital transformation?

Together with you, we will plan your digital strategy that can help you reach your results and goals you need; 

from your current company's state analysis and recognizing the gaps between current and needed states, 

digital maturity grade, 

to complete branding process, 


graphic design, 

website and online shop,

and lastly, digital advertising to help you promote digital version of your company. 

For you, we will setup:


In strategy session, we work on your goals, target audiences, your needs and obstacles in different areas of business, and solutions that your company offers to your key clients.


We prepare your business analysis considering your current company state and through different areas of your business - from your internal processes to your connections with business partners and target clients.


We use a digital maturity questionnaire to review your current company state and prepare first suggestions that you could implement towards your digital transformation.


We rely on growth-driven design because it's fast, focused on your users AND your business goals, and flexible - your new website improves all the time with the feedback of your users. It’s quick, focused on your users and business goals, and flexible - your new website will continuously improve based on the feedback of your users and their UX.


We will setup your new fully functional online shop and take care of full responsiveness, simplicity of your backend use, and connectivity with external systems. We'll take care of all the necessary translations your site might need for you to successfully present your business in foreign countries as well.


For your team, we'll prepare digital tutorials on topics and tools that we recommend to you - so that you can always come back to tutorials or parts of them, or re-use them as many times you need to for new employees at your company.


We help your company reach measurable and repetitive results. We focus on more than just clicks and impressions! With you, we identify metrics and indicators that most effect your business results, collect data and optimize your ad campaigns for your success!


With our very personal approach, we really get to know you and your brand - new or established. Then, we move onto the brainstorming of ideas, first mockups, sketches and brand development, based on your goal clients, your tone and culture, and messaging.


We'll prepare new video content, the pre-production with script, lighting plan, location setup and sound testing, the post production and editing for advertising needs and ad creatives for your company. We'll also take care of the whole set of micro content for further distribution.
"We've had our business established for multiple years with our company and now we've been facing a new challenge - entering the market with our own new brand, and at the same time taking care of digitalization of our company's processes as we know that, in order to grow, we need to step up our digital game.

At Pixel, I was pleasantly surprised by how we aren't just a number in a digital agency as their approach is super personal and they work on complete solutions. 

That's why we've trusted them to build our entire digital solution - from initial strategy and planning to our successful market entry."

Gal Krušič

CEO, Beautymins by Medyko


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