Google Advertising

Your prospects are searching for you as we speak - with Google Ad platform, we help you grab their attention!

Meaningful ads on meaningful platforms - for meaningful results.

Instead of focusing on the number of clicks and impressions, performance is our best bet - be it collecting qualified leads for your service business, getting new orders in your online shop, or attracting new app users.

Landing pages for better focus on your product and improving your results

With smart landing pages and tireless testing of each element we make sure that every € you invest in advertising gets you great results!

Accurate targeting, granular data

We divide keywords and search phrases into smaller ad groups with better overview, which essentially means better results and lower costs of advertising for you. We constantly test texts and creatives, create new ad groups from newly discovered search phrases and design landing pages that will bring your user to final conversion.

Constant optimization

To guarantee you the best business results, we will optimize the results of each separate ad channels - contact testing of different target audiences, offers, creatives and landing pages combinations.

2500% year over year growth of online tyre sales with Facebook & Google Ads.

The client had difficulty promoting online shop since the majority of their target audiences was local & mostly buying their services.

We successfully used Facebook funnel to target different client groups from cold to warm audiences with customised creatives and thus, took advantage of seasonality of their products to scale top performing ads.

On Google, we created single keyword ad groups to increase the clickthrough rates and decrease the cost per click, effectively driving traffic at 1/2 the previous cost.
"Before we decided to collaborate with an agency, we didn't really have enough overview of digital advertising or even time to plan our online sales growth! Consequently, we didn't actually invest into the right advertising platforms, preventing us from taking full advantage of our products' seasonality!

At Pixel agency, they focused fully on improving our online advertising profitability and boosted our brand with the help of Google Ads and social media platforms. Comparing to the same time period in last year, we managed to increase our sales for 2500%!

We needed some time to calmly plan ahead our collaboration. At Pixel, they never rushed us - after we've heard great results from other companies, working with pixel, we went for it and we weren't sorry! "

Andrej Grošelj

CEO at Vulkanizerstvo Groš


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