We GROW E-commerce

We are the sales generating engine behind your direct-to-consumer brand.

Get an entire marketing department working on your growth - With simple and transparent pricing structure with aligned incentives - if we want to grow, you grow first.

We help you grow by focusing on the 4 pillars of fast and scalable e-commerce growth:


Performance driven Facebook & Instagram advertising

Acquiring new customers in a profitable, scalable and predictable way is at the core of fast growth for your brand and right now there is no better place to do it than Facebook & Instagram.

Production of thumb-stopping video ads, image ads and UGC content

To scale your brand, you need to be producing thumb-stopping content - at SCALE. We shoot, produce and edit ad creatives for e-commerce brands, using conversion-driven principles.

Conversion focused email marketing setup

The days of 1-off email campaigns are over. We create high-converting automated email flows, optimize individual steps to increase revenue and set you up with a quality campaign schedule.

Ecommerce landing pages and conversion rate optimization

Great looking website, but it's just not converting well enough? We create blazing-fast, conversion optimized landing pages to increase the profitability of your advertising and capture more revenue.

Simple, transparent pricing
Focus on profitability

How much does it cost to have an entire marketing department working on the growth of your brand, take new customer acquisition off of your plate, reduce the level of stress and complexity in your e-commerce business, so you can focus on building up your brand?

7.5% of revenue

Why a % of revenue?
So we are in this together - it aligns our incentives, if we want to grow, you grow first, our monthly fees only increase when you have success.

Enables us to make the first move towards growth
Normally, an agency would increase scope of engagement, start charging more for more content, tests, creatives, and it would fall on you to cover that cost untill it starts making a profit. In this case, we cover that cost and you only pay more when you earn more.

Low risk for you
With clearly set testing budgets, ROAS goals and agency costs tied to monthly revenue = no unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Focuses us on high-growth partnerships
When starting out with a new client & revenue % based pricing, we either loose money or break-even in the first few months, while we work on scaling your advertising efforts. The way we make money is by making sure we grow your business - by a lot!

P.S. It's not for everyone ...

For some companies a % of revenue won’t make sense and we understand that. The profit margins might be too slim, or product just not suited for fast growth via paid advertising channels.
But if you are a direct-to-consumer e-commerce focused brand, have a scalable business model and healthy profit margins, we might be able to help you take it to the next level.

We Fuel
Your Growth

Ready to grow?

Jump on an introductory call with our team, where we audit your curent aproach, analyze cost structure, find areas of the conversion process that can be improved and see if we are a good fit for growing your business.
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Where are we located?
You can find us at Cilenškova 2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
But, you can also check over a virtual coffee with us with the help of a Skype call where we will mutually discover how we can help you reach your marketing goals.
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