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We profitably grow direct-to-consumer brands from few-thousand to 6&7 figures in monthly revenue

How we work?

You get an entire marketing department working on your growth - from performance driven advertising, video production, email marketing, conversion rate optimization ...

We take new customer acquisition off your plate, reduce the level of stress and complexity in your e-commerce business, so you can focus on building up your brand, developing new products and creating new partnerships!

We work with a very small number of brands, so we can go above the surface-level advertising and dig into elements that regular agencies never get to - testing USP-s, increasing average order value, increasing repeat purchase rates, working on cold audience offers, etc.

You get a simple & transparent pricing model with focus on profitability

Not For Everyone

We realize what we do and how we do it might not be for everyone. Here are some of the common values that we look for in any brands we work with:
  • You have a strong, growth focused mindset for your brand
  • You have a product that is high quality and solves a real desire or pain-point for your customer
  • You are focused on performance metrics and actual sales results and don't chase vanity metrics
  • You are happy to geek out with us on new ways to grow your brand
  • You are willing to dig deep into the numbers, growth targets, profitability calculations, conversion rates, etc.

Think we would make a good fit?

Get in touch for a virtual coffee, where we will discover how to reach your goals and improve your sales performance.



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8BIT d.o.o.
VAT ID: SI57458596
Cilenskova 2,
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